Wanderlei Silva- PRIDE FC Tribute

Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva in his dominating PRIDE days Any Feedback is appreciated! Song: Sandstorm- DaRude All footage from the fights is owned by …

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5 Responses to “Wanderlei Silva- PRIDE FC Tribute”

  1. Buda Petermann says:

    Esse é um ANIMAL!!!! cachorro louco!

  2. APMBK Hérlisson Zangado says:


  3. Knighthawk830 says:

    okay lets not forget hendo is on trt and wanderlei has defended his title multiple times which takes alot out of you. Hendo is a good fighter but he never kept a belt for a long time. Wandy has ruled the light weight division for 7 years and lets not forget wandy was on a 19 win streak you never seen hendo do that. The thing is, wandy was a champ for so long that it wore him out. Unlike Dan he never kept a belt for long cause he always lost it.

  4. Knighthawk830 says:

    it’s not excuses, dude try pushing your body to the limit and the way he trained was not safe dude. It happens to every great fighter look at chuck for example. Chuck defended his belt many times and because of that hard training you start to get tired. it happens to all amazing athlete, they dominate for a long time then after a while get tired and the young fresh fighters dethrones them.

  5. bonerboy37 says:

    stop making excuses for him 

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