MMA Ultimate Set: Anderson Silva Teaches the Jab

Visit for more info. This is one of 62 techniques included on Anderson’s “Boxing for MMA” DVD, part of Mixed Martial Arts: The …

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Category: Wanderlei Silva
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5 Responses to “MMA Ultimate Set: Anderson Silva Teaches the Jab”

  1. iaoin2009 says:


  2. I,am IRONMAN says:

    theres always racist comments on every yt video and im sick of racism oh yea btw Silva is The Best

  3. tomwaitsjohnsburg says:

    Its not african breeding…. Its from years of slavery in America that had slave owners breeding the strongest of the strongest to be best fit to work out in the plantations.
    Ever notice how Africans in Africa are skinny as sticks, not just from Hunger, but in general.
    Its the Black ppl out in the western hemisphere that tend to be athletic

  4. Renato Moraes says:

    tem em portugues?

  5. godofthisshit says:

    How do you explain all the African football players in the NFL? Black Americans work hard at the sports they love hence why they dominate.

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