Brian Stann Ready To Go ‘Into The Hornet’s Nest’ Against Silva (Weigh-In Interview)

Brian “All-American” Stann talked to FUEL TV correspondent Gareth Davies after getting through the UFC On Fuel TV 8 Weigh-In. Stann faces legendary fighter W…

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Category: Wanderlei Silva
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5 Responses to “Brian Stann Ready To Go ‘Into The Hornet’s Nest’ Against Silva (Weigh-In Interview)”

  1. TheMrcooll says:

    Brian is a cool dude

  2. AKarnold1010 says:

    You can not honestly say that you knew that was going to happen and neither can anybody. Brian was favored to win this fight big and almost did. But almost does not count and I was genuinely happy to see Wanderlei win in his old stomping grounds. Tough to see how heartbroken Stann was but that is whats crazy and awesome about MMA: No matter how unlikely or crazy, anything can happen. I was wrong and kiss my ass for being a dick about it

  3. Mauricio Rubio says:

    I like Brian stann a lot more after that fight. his nose was torn as fuck and still stayed in wanderlei’s face. I’m really glad they got fight of the night. and wanderlei got ko of the night.

  4. AKarnold1010 says:

    Strong words from a keyboard my friend. Enjoy talking tough from hundreds of miles away. I have not one more second for someone who talks big on youtube. Enjoy yourself

  5. LOLatPactards says:


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