Get to know the newest UFC® fighter out of Brazil, former Strikeforce fighter, Milton Vieira. While he’s new to the promotion, he’s not new to the sport, hav…

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Category: Wanderlei Silva
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  1. Thales Carrillo says:

    He also invented the Anaconda choke. Maybe you don’t need his advice. Cool. I don’t think he needs anything from you or me either

  2. andrew31593 says:

    He gives too much advice for somebody who isn’t succesful yet. Damn brazilians.

  3. MastahJay86 says:

    Meus parabéns sinceros á vc Milton meu cumpadi! Fiquei sabendo agora ao entrar no site do BTT q tinha participado numa luta d UFC no ano passado! Show d bola! Na paz e fé sempre campeão. PORRADA NELES!! / João brazueco :)

  4. isaachaze420247 says:

    What happened

  5. Thales Carrillo says:

    he isn’t successful yet because he didn’t get to the UFC? that’s retarded. If martial arts is your foundation, living a dignified life is what success means to them. He’s been a good fighter for a while now. The UFC is a job. Martial arts, and MMA was there, enriching lives of successful people before the UFC Tournaments started. It’s alright. There’s time to learn

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