Dana White “I Want More Fighters To Get Involved In Judging”

UFC President Dana White spoke with UFC Tonight correspondent Karyn Bryant after a thrilling night of fights at UFC 147. Dana expressed interest in getting m…

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Category: Wanderlei Silva
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5 Responses to “Dana White “I Want More Fighters To Get Involved In Judging””

  1. LogicalThinker7991 says:

    If it were up to Dana, the refs/judges that make bad calls would be fired. He can’t do anything about it and he certainly cannot make them watch videos before the fight.

  2. Ironclad6661 says:

    Agree PhukYu. Very very much.

  3. vToneehh says:

    LOL 300 Billion? Are you sure mate?

  4. Kieran Young says:

    He knows though that every judge and referee makes a bad call at some point, either not stopping the fight soon enough or stopping it too soon, if you just fire every one you are losing so many referees/judges that in the end there won’t be any decent ones left.

  5. King420Cheeba says:

    British vs. U.S.
    Dude. I think we’ve solved this confrontation before you Tea loving faggot.
    Americans are douchebags? So be it. We still have a better life than you.

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