Rory MacDonald Gets Revenge on Nick Diaz

Rory MacDonald hacks into Nick’s Twitter account and causes problems. Big thanks to Jamie Carter for his awesome sound design. Thanks to Andy for composing t…

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Category: Wanderlei Silva
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5 Responses to “Rory MacDonald Gets Revenge on Nick Diaz”

  1. Aidan O'Shea says:

    Ailister is off the roids man he can’t knock shit down

  2. DevanteMudliar2 says:

    i love how rory has a toy story 3 poster in his room lmao.

  3. 94FADE says:

    a girl that likes mma….marry me lol

  4. Matty Brooks says:

    I love your shows!!! Ah so great!!!

  5. xPALATINOx says:

    GSP accent PERFECTLY immitated! Did u have him himself make the synchro?

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