Wanderlei Silva: Anaconda Choke for MMAWeekly.com – MMA Weekly News

MMA Weekly News Wanderlei Silva demonstrates an anaconda choke for MMAWeekly.com. Get up to date MMA and UFC news at the World’s to…

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5 Responses to “Wanderlei Silva: Anaconda Choke for MMAWeekly.com – MMA Weekly News”

  1. Raffael900me says:

    thats more like a darce…

  2. Daniel Kim says:

    why do you need to lock their arm and head together? is it so that its less dangerous for the opponent to break their neck? does it put more pressure? or take away their couters??

  3. CleaRCLAN100 says:

    sick flip smart

  4. tpoc1 says:

    Guys saying this is more like a guillotine? Where do you train – Mc Donalds?!?! Perfect anaconda.

  5. Hades Dillinger says:

    how bout phil davis’s

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