UFC 139 Post-fight Press Conference

Dana White and the UFC 139 winners answer questions from the press following the amazing night of fights.

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5 Responses to “UFC 139 Post-fight Press Conference”

  1. faceurhell says:

    Only Pacquiao and Mayweather make that kind of money. Andre Ward, who’s won a gold medal in the Olympics, has beaten several champions, and is undefeated as a professional and an amateur dating back 12 years to when he was 13, and he only made about $600,000 his last fight, in which he beat another boxing champion (Chad Dawson) in dominating fashion (he won nearly every round and took virtually no credit).

    That doesn’t even consider that non-champions get paid crap.

  2. Lucas Gates says:

    If you go back and watch it close. Henderson was the more aggressive fighter. He threw more strikes and takedowns.

  3. sinaloco925 says:

    Main event was a freakin draw

  4. zombiewhale says:

    it was a draw only reason i wouldd see it not being one is if you scored round 3 a 10-8 for hendo but if thats a 10-8 then round 5 has to be a 10-7 for shogun

  5. Himawanta budiwanto says:

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