UFC 147: Rich Franklin Post-Fight Interview

For the second time, Rich Franklin outlasts Wanderlei Silva in a Fight of the Night performance. Get “Ace’s” thoughts on the fight, his time in Brazil, and d…

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5 Responses to “UFC 147: Rich Franklin Post-Fight Interview”

  1. Rodrigo Barreto says:

    / SoKXQCNnArU  “super boxing sequences”

  2. Ownage1067 says:

    Just because Dos Santos was getting his ass beat and didn’t quit he has more heart? We haven’t seen Jones in such a situation yet besides being on the verge of having his arm broken. I’m a fan of Lyoto, and he wasn’t kicking his ass. He was winning the fight, but kicking his ass? You’re being over dramatic because you hate Jones. Another band wagon fan? I’m not a fan of him and I seen all his UFC fights.

  3. herroIMlilo says:

    Same thing with Jones, Loyoto proved that. He was kicking that ass all around the octagon. Jones only has two advantages, his length and wrestling. You must be another band wagon. Jones is an elite fighter, but intangibles are hard to rank, and heart matters just as much as strength or speed, and Dos Santos as FAR MORE heart than Jones.

  4. stuntsandthrills says:

    1. Yeah no matter how terrible Cro Cop gets at fighting he still remains a good striker. He still has the tools. The speed and technique. He just has no chin and probably lost all of his strength.
    2. Frank Mir is a very weird fighter. One day he could show up great, and one day he could show up sloppy. Mir is still very good. And Frank is not known for his striking either. His ground game Is still top notch, considering he submitted someone like Big Nog in that fashion

  5. Ownage1067 says:

    I’m almost positive you didn’t watch the Lyoto fight. You completely forgot about the 2nd round when Jones dominated Machida in the striking. He rocked him with a superman punch. He clearly has the striking. Not to mention Anderson Silva has more length on all of his opponents besides bums like Forrest Griffin. So don’t even make that excuse about length. You still have to have the ability which at the end of the day Jones has. Along with the strength and speed.

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