Wanderlei Silva Entrance UFC:Japan 2013/ UFC On Fuel 8

I figured people wanted to see Wanderlei’s awesome entrance so I uploaded it. Song: Darude – Sandstorm.

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5 Responses to “Wanderlei Silva Entrance UFC:Japan 2013/ UFC On Fuel 8”

  1. 5616steph says:

    yo when he fought vitor he was like 18,19 years old n he had his head tattoo i dont no one who went that hard for their first tat
    n that shit he got on the back of his head is sick!!
    i wouldnt even be watchin ufc if my home boy didnt show me wanderlei vs chuck
    now im a mma junky

  2. barreto doido says:


  3. Care ca says:



  4. Leandro Santos says:

    Wanderlei you are my hero. Legend!

  5. Hovanes Chilian says:

    greatest. entrance. ever.

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