Wanderlei: A Highlight Reel Finish?

He made is mark in the glory days of Pride Fighting Championships, where we stunned the world with some of his most ferocious and surprising finishes. Six ye…

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Category: Wanderlei Silva

5 Responses to “Wanderlei: A Highlight Reel Finish?”

  1. skhuxx says:

    not talkin bout how gud he is idiot, im referin to his fight style, if any1 is tyson of mma in your interpretashun its jon jones cos hez da best

  2. skhuxx says:

    no hector lombaard is tyson of mma fukwit… he clozes da distance wen toe 2 toe jus lyk tyson does… u kno nuffink bout dis sport fagboy

  3. vvaannddaallll says:

    your trolling is bad

  4. vvaannddaallll says:

    Hector Lombard is the Tyson of MMA, you’re right, bum killer, can’t beat a top 10 and a shitty footwork.

  5. vvaannddaallll says:

    UFC is MMA, PRIDE was a freak show.

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