FUEL TV 8 In Focus: Silva vs Stann (Full Episode)

FUEL TV presents ‘In Focus: Silva vs Stann’, a fascinating in-depth look at the main event of UFC On FUEL TV 8. ‘In Focus’ paints a vivid picture of MMA legend Wanderlei Silva and his opponent, ex-United States Marine Brian Stann. These warriors do battle in the Octagon on Saturday, March 2 at UFC On FUEL TV 8.

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Category: Wanderlei Silva
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5 Responses to “FUEL TV 8 In Focus: Silva vs Stann (Full Episode)”

  1. cHol2Ge says:

    what a shitty dog Wanderlei has…

  2. Kris Gallardo says:

    Hah, just saw an old (one/two time) training partner.

  3. Cambria358 says:

    You came all the way here to make a stupid comment about wanderlei’s dog who is shown for about a minute total? You need a hobby badly

  4. Schwarzenagler says:

    Wanderlei is a swinging maniac that I would enjoy seing stopped promptly by KO. Simply can`t stand that mofucker.

  5. Alexander Greiner says:


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