Best Of Pride: Wanderlei Silva vs Bob Schrijber

In one of the earliest fights from Wanderlei Silva’s PRIDE Fighting career, he took on kickboxer Bob Schrijber. To this day, Schrijber stands as the only submission victory of ‘The Axe Murderer’s’ career!

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Category: Wanderlei Silva

5 Responses to “Best Of Pride: Wanderlei Silva vs Bob Schrijber”

  1. zurus222 says:

    when he first started fighting and in pride he use to get hit in the chin alot and take it like a boss and ko his opponents. he took alot of damage so now his chin has weaken because now he gets ko easily.

  2. sidewaydaze says:

    dirty bob!

  3. 44cspence says:

    Just another CAN they feed to Wanderli to build him up. He didn’t even have that choke in deep, I think it was another fixed fight.

  4. mmadrunkie says:

    Wandy is entertaining.. In a world of game plans and lay n prays he’s still explosive and fun to watch : ]

  5. 44cspence says:

    @zurus222 Alot is two word, meaning a then comes lot ” a lot “. He gets knocked out a lot now, because he isn’t fighting something that requires a can opener. Also, his promotors are no longer paying his opponents to take a dive.

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